Golden Retriever and
Goldendoodle pups
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About us

Hello.  We are Milton and Dorothy Zehr, parents of five children and grandparents of seven.  We are also breeders of countless puppies that have become members of many other families.


While our children were still at home in the early 1980's, we had as a pet a Golden Retriever mix who was such a good dog and a real friend and part of the family.  In time, when we wanted another dog, my husband Milton’s love for farming and animals brought him to the idea that if we would raise Golden Retriever pups the children could learn good animal care and also earn money toward their college expenses.  So we purchased an AKC purebred Golden Retriever pup whom we named Caramel and our little business took off from there.


In many ways we have the perfect location for such a project.  We have a 10.5 acre farmette in rural Lewis County, New York.  The small barn, which over the years was used for many different animals (horses, heifers, chickens, rabbits, pigs), was converted by Milton into a home for dogs. 

We raised Golden Retriever pups for about 21 years and then added Goldendoodles after we began receiving requests for Doodle puppies.  We were so happy with the Golden Retrievers that we initially did not want to begin with something “strange” and new.  However, after considering the benefits of the Goldendoodles, we decided to try it.  Now we genuinely feel good about the Goldendoodles and are raising Doodles along with the Golden Retrievers.

A playful bunch of Goldendoodle pups hanging out with Milton. Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers make wonderful family pets!

Over the years we have remodeled our country home so that in 2003 we opened to Bed & Breakfast guests, something which both of us enjoy.  You can find us at 

Dorothy & Milton Zehr
5549 Alger Road
Martinsburg, NY 13404-0612

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